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Superior Health is Freedom, Food is Medicine

Scott MacLean – Certified in Basic Nutritional Sciences from the Nutritional Education Institute

The number one key to sustainable weight loss and longevity is directly linked to the quality of what you put in your mouth each and every time you eat.

As humans our nature is to make things like our Health very difficult, we always seem to make these processes very complicated, it is human nature to take control of the steering wheel, isn’t it?


Lets keep it simple and let our bodies and nature steer the ship for us.

Here’s how it works:

  1. No Dieting
  2. No more counting calories
  3. No more endless hours spent in the gym getting yo-yo results
  4. Eat as much of the most Healthy high nutrient dense foods you can each and every day and as many times as you like throughout the day all day long!!!!


That’s right, I said the more you eat the more weight you will loose and the more healing that will take place inside your body. This is the opposite of what your normally used to hearing, but nothing is more true once you learn how to choose and use the right foods. The healthier you become by increasing your intake of micro-nutrients the more your body will significantly increase it’s immunity response to become a super immunity weight loss machine.

Your probably asking yourself, where in these steps is the exercise, the gym, the tread mill, the stepper, the sit ups, push ups, and endless miles of running etc, the answer is, exercise does play a role but will be very limited compared to what your used to, and much more simple than you could ever imagine. Will touch more on this once we meet.

Getting started:

  1. No obligation Free assessment – in home or in a place you feel most comfortable and safe, we will go over your top health questions and issues. You will get a sneak peak into the world of true healthy living.
  2. Set up a program that works for you, you can pick the entire program by combining all the options below or you can pick one at a time. Fee structure will be discussed over the phone or in person during you free assessment.

Here are some of our coaching options:

The Basics

In home 2 hour One on One coaching – getting started, teaching you what health and longevity are truly all about, the right foods to eat and why (includes a copy of Eat to Live, by Dr Joel Furhman)



One on One shopping session – helping you navigate your way through the grocery stores and super markets, what to purchase, what not to purchase and why.


Food Prep

In home 2 hour one on one hands on coaching – teach you how to use and properly prepare high Nutrient dense foods by showing how to create amazing base recipes that will help you understand and implement your new sustainable weight loss program and way of life (recommend the purchase of a Vitamix and or Nutribullet and Juicer prior to this session)



Keeping in touch

On going health coaching – in person or over the phone hourly sessions

Online Coaching for all options is also available if you are not local via Skype etc….

Contact me to book your free assessment: