I have suffered from various types of visions loss over the years.

  1. Progressive or what society and our medical industry call regular vision loss, which requires eye glasses
  2. Acute vision loss or what happened to me one day when I woke up from sleeping, I couldn’t see out of my left eye anymore. Eventually this was diagnosed as an Occlusion or Stroke to the veins and arteries on the back of my eye, resulting in 80% vision loss in that eye.

After seeing many doctors and eye specialists my eyes and especially my left eye simply continued to get worse, they even tried to inject my left eye with experimental chemotherapy drugs? They also told me that I would eventually go completely blind in my left eye and my right would also continue to get worse over time. Needless to say things were not getting any better on this path.

It wasn’t until my journey took me away from the medical industry and eye doctors and started going towards healthy eating and water fasting did my eyes start getting better.

When I started making my own fresh vegetable juice, and eating very high nutrient dense plant based foods I started to notice huge (not small) but huge improvements to my eye sight. After a while I also did my first water only fast for 14 days, on day 7 of this first fast 80% of the vision I had lost in my left eye came back.

All my doctors told me my eye conditions or recovery didn’t have anything to do with Nutrition?

It is quit obvious, that Nutrition (high nutrient dense plant based foods) do play a major role in our current and future ability to see properly.

Here is more cutting edge information that you can combine with your new way of eating which I hope will help all of you start to regain your vision. I am now practicing and looking into this method that has been recommending and proven through many expert health practitioners and doctors today.

How the Bates Method Can Help You Retrain Your Eyes to See More Clearly Again, Click Here