Nutrient Extractors

Having a high powered blender (Nutrient Extractor) is very important and will quickly become a main staple in you kitchen, you will start to find you use it more than you use your stove. There are so many uses for a high powered blender when you decide to start on your health journey. These NUTRIENT EXTRACTING tools that you see below are the best on the market at making all your very high nutrient dense foods much more bio available to all the cells in your body. This is our main problem. Those of use who are over weight and suffering from all kinds of degenerative diseases are actually starving, even though we keeping eating and eating it doesn’t seem to help. Only when we have a sufficient nutrient load in each cell will we be satisfied and only then will the weight loss and healing begin. Once we finally give our bodies access to pure nutrients and phytochemicals (the correct fuel or micro-nutrients) we will start to see remarkable results.

Below are my recommendations and favorite tools to use in the kitchen:

Blendtec Blenders make an excellent high powered unit:

Vitamix also has many amazing products to choose from:

Nutribullet will also end up playing a major role in your kitchen:

Nutribullet Accessories:

Juicers are much different from Blenders, they might look similar, but the end product is not the same. Fresh fruit and or veggie juice is packed full of PURE nutrients too, but does not have the same fiver content that you get from a Blender. This pure nutrient rich juice becomes even more bio-available and absorb-able by the cells in our bodies making it a great addition to your weekly healthy routine while on your new health journey.

Here are some good choices that I recommend:

Breville Juicers