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This site was created by Scott MacLean, Sonia Alora and their family to help keep as many people as possible happy, healthy and in the light.

Scott’s story has also been published on Dr Fuhrman’s Website – Click Here

Here is a little bit about their Health Journey:

Scott MacLean

Younger PhotoI was raised in a Scottish family that only knew one way to eat and that was meat, bread, dairy and potatoes, and boy did we love our meat, and yes, desert was a must after every meal. We were a lot like Hobbits, we ate breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, then second lunch, dinner, then second and sometimes even third dinner, the more we ate the healthier and stronger we thought we were going to become.

I was very fit and active in school and community sports of all kinds from a very early age to the end of senior high school. The more active I was the more meat, dairy, bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and processed foods I thought I should pack away.

Fast forward to my mid thirties. I spent most of my life after high school in the office working my way up the corporate ladder, sitting at a desk most of the time, still eating what ever and when ever I felt the need, which was all the time. I couldn’t satisfy my hunger, and if I did by eating huge portions it did not last long. Eventually I ballooned up to 250 + pounds, this was my heaviest.

By the time I was in my mid thirties I was diagnosed with many serious health conditions.

The list:

  1. Obesity – 250 + LBS
  2. Severe Achilles tendinitis – could not walk very far, running was out of the question
  3. 80% vision loss in my left eye – woke up on day and was almost completely blind in my left eye (renal occlusion)
  4. Cardio Vascular Disease – was preparing to have by-pass surgery
  5. Cancer (Stage 4 Melanoma) – 4 surgery’s and had several lymph nodes removed from the left side of my body, my prognosis after surgery was only 25% chance of living the next 5 years or less
  6. Lymphedema – due to my cancer and many other tests I was advised to remove the lymph nodes on the left side of my body, which caused this area to become completely numb, constantly in pain, fill with fluid. This eventually made my left arm useless.
  7. Allergic to the Sun – even with sun block SPF 110 my skin would still become severely burned
  8. Constant watering in both eyes – they just would not stop watering
  9. Many other unknown ache’s and pains throughout my body
  10. Trouble sleeping

Doctors told me I would need to live with these conditions for the rest of my life and keep taking all the medications and attending all the numerous weekly and monthly follow-up appointments for the rest of my life.

When I was Sick and Tired

I was tired of being sick and tired, I was a young man in my mid 30’s and wanted my life back. Someone or some unknown thing was taking my life away from me. At the time I had no idea it was all caused from the standard processed Canadian foods I was eating. Not once through all the appointments, follow ups, pain, surgery’s, illness and disease did a doctor put me on a proper diet, or even recommend this path.

I knew the medical industry could not help me anymore, I felt alone and scared, I thought I was going to die. I then turned to many different Diets, Cleanses, and Fasts on my own with minimal results. Shortly after this I found Dr Furhman online, and his Nutritarian health approach and way of life. At first I was very skeptical, I was in the dark, ready to give up, but, for some reason I still can’t explain it, I decided to make this program my last attempt. Within MONTHS this new way of life REVERSED EVERY SINGLE HEALTH CONDITION I HAD.

  1. Obesity – the weight started to melt off right away, in one year I went from 250 + down to 165 and have remained at this weight for many years now
  2. Severe Achilles tendinitis – this started to get better right away, I started walking more and eventually running with zero pain during or after
  3. 80% vision loss in my left eye – my eye doctors were baffled, all the vision loss has come back, I no longer go to the eye doctors
  4. Cardio Vascular Disease – on day 7 of my first true water fast I had another ultra sound, and it came back 100% clear of any blockages, the doctor and radiologists were both skeptical but blown away, I have never gone back to see them.
  5. Cancer (Stage 4 Melanoma) – I know for sure my cancer is completely gone now, and I know cancer can not survive in a 100% plant-based Nutritarians body, I left the cancer treatment program over 5 years ago, in their minds I should have been dead by now, and I am sure I would be if I kept up with their treatment recommendations. I will never go back to that or any other cancer treatment Center again.
  6. Lymphedema – during my first water fast all my Lymphedema completely disappeared and all feeling in the left side of my body came back, my left arm works great now.
  7. Allergic to the Sun – this reversed within a few months. I love the sun now and get as much as I can, no more sunblock required, I do not burn anymore, all my skin cells are packed full of huge amounts of very protective and health promoting nutrients, now they can protect themselves.
  8. Constant watering eyes – this went away right away, I still get watery eyes the odd time in the winter on very cold days.
  9. Many other unknown ache’s and pains throughout my body – these all went away within months, all gone, not one ache or pain now
  10. Trouble sleeping – this got better within the first couple months, sleep like a baby every night now
Me Now

After experiencing the extreme personal health transformation I went through from almost being dead to full health and endless years of longevity ahead of me, I will never turn back to the SAD diet or the medical industry again. Don’t get me wrong, Doctor’s and some medications do have very important roles to play when it comes to acute emergency types of conditions and broken bones etc…but we can completely prevent the need to go to the doctor’s office and hospital for all the other degenerative types of disorders, illnesses and diseases, by simply making better choices on what we put in our mouths.

Me Now

My soul purpose and passion in life is to help others regain their health and get their lives back like I did. I will keep spreading the message of light and the truth about our food through a Nutritarian way of life until it’s my time to leave this earth.

Sonia’s story – coming soon

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