Super Food Smoothies

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get lots of amazing micro-nutrients into your body each and every day is via juicing or smoothies. Smoothies are packed full of essential micro-nutrients that our bodies need to function optimally. If you had the choice wouldn’t you want to fuel your body with the best nutrients available and make them more bio-available to all the cells in your body? We make all kinds of smoothies, once you know the basics you will start making your own fun and delicious creations too. There really is no limit – Have fun!!

When you can and when the price is right always try to choose Organic produce!!

Smoothie basics:

  1. Add fresh or frozen fruit of any kind
  2. The more greens the better, try to vary the types of greens as much as possible throughout the week. You can even add fresh green herbs like cilantro, parsley, mint etc for added flavor.
  3. To make all the nutrients from the greens much more bio-available always try to add small amounts of super healthy fats like raw nuts or seeds, nut or seed butters, avocados etc…never use bottled processed oils of any kind, these oils immediately go into our bodies and are stored as fat, there are no actual health benefits to adding processed oils to our food or smoothies ever.
  4. You can turn any smoothie into a super food smoothie by simply adding foods like Maca, Cacao, Chlorella, Spirulina, Hemp, super herbs like Chaga or Reishi etc you can use as many of these as you like
  5. Everyone likes sweeteners – the healthiest sweetener is simply adding a few pitted dates, and in our books the second healthiest is raw 100% Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, neither of these will spike your sugar levels and both bring many healthy nutrients. Off course many people simply like the sweetness that comes from the fruits they already add. Organic Bananas are normally in all our smoothies, they naturally sweeten out smoothies without the need for added sweeteners.

Here are some of our favorites:

Hulk Juice

This has become ours and my sons favorite, it is super easy to get your kids and some adults to eat greens when they can’t taste them and the name is super fun too:


Grab your high powered blender or nutribullet:

  1. Fresh or Frozen Pineapple
  2. Fresh Bananas
  3. As many large handfuls of greens you can fit in, kale and or spinach is our fav
  4. Add any super foods and or super herbs
  5. Then add the healthiest source of liquid you can find, we use re-mineralized filtered water from our Berkey water filter and when we can we use 100% natural pure spring water from the source. You can also use unsweetened Almond, Hemp, or any other nut milk, there lots of healthy brands that even have organic nut milks now. One of our other favorites is 100% pure coconut water.