Meditation is near and dear to our heart and soul now. The healthier we become through a true high nutrient dense plant based diet the more connected we become to the earth and our creator. We have both experienced unexplainable levels of spiritual connection. Again, the healthier we become, the stronger our spiritual connection becomes. We now know the 2 go hand in hand. We also know the more unhealthy we were in the past the farther and much weaker our spiritual connection  was.

When we play singing bowls and chimes they open up certain Chakras that need to be opened at those times. It is sometimes hard to explain the amazing experiences we continue to have with our inner and external spirit world so we now leave those explanations to our creator.

We truly feel and believe now that everything is connected and life force thrives and survives in the light. Plants provide us with amazing life force and energy, and they are also very connected to the amazing natural elemental forces of the universe as well as the amazing SUN.

By combining Plant Based Eating, Superfoods, Superherbs, Healthy Water, and Spiritual Light Meditation or positive meditation of any kind you will start to experience amazing health, longevity and eventually true enlightenment. Join us on this amazing journey by making today the healthiest day ever.