“Natures Solution to Pollution is Dilution” – David Wolfe

Our bodies are giant filters, what are you putting through your filter?


Sonia and I absolutely love our Berkey, we use it for everything we do related to our water. We know our water is 100% pure, clean and healthy. Clean drinking water is super important to a healthy body and is very hard to find in today’s world. If you do not have access to fresh spring water or a spring, most people do not know where to turn. We are so happy we found Berkey, hopefully you will enjoy yours as much as we do ours. Simply click on the banner to the right or on the Berkey banner above to find out much more about healthy water.



Find a Spring

Also, for more info, please look into the “Find a Spring” website created by Daniel Vitalis and expert on healthy water by CLICKING HERE. Pure, Clean Spring water is one of the most Healthy sources of water if you have access to it.


Here is a very important video to watch from David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis  – CLICK HERE.

Another older vidoe, David Wolfe in his younger years  – CLICK HERE

One of my favorite’s on Mountain Spring Water, it is so close to my home in Calgary AB, by David Wolfe  – CLICK HERE


Awesome Video and Article from Dr Mercola and Zach Bush on dehidration and how we need to ensure we stay hydrated, it is key to our survival and quality of life – Click Here